10:00 am - Friday May 29, 2015

VIP interview : SquirtN Wonder

Gay Worlds News : Greetings SquirtN Wonder, you are owner of ChorroN LametazoN. Your sim is one the newest within the Gay Archipelago, and we would like to know more about you. Thanks for welcoming us and taking time to answer to our questions. First of all, since how long you have been in SL ?

SquirtN Wonder : I have been a member of SL since June 27th, 2009. My second Rez day is just around the corner.

GWNews : What kind of enjoyment do you find here ? What was your best experience(s) or memories ?

SquirtN : I love making new friends and just hanging out with them. You may find me doing a Hunt, DJing at Club AerieN or just chatting it up with my friends.

GWNews : How did you launch your estate ? and what was your first purpose ?

SquirtN : When I first joined SL and wanted to rent some land I found it very difficult to find a place that would let me do what I wanted without having to pay an outrageous amount of lindens for it. So I decided that I needed to get my own Sim. The first purpose of my sime was to have an awsome hangout place for myself and all of my friends. Thats when I opened Club AerieN and May 1st was our 1 yr anniversary!

GWNews : How do you organize your time in SL ?

SquirtN : I have a twin, LickN Wonder and I split my time in SL between myself & LickN. SquirtN loves to DJ and party and LickN breeds KittyCatS breedable pets.

GWNews : What do you appreciate in the GA ? What do you expect from it, and what do you want to bring to the community ?

SquirtN : I appreciate the community feel of the GA! I like belonging to a community that has a variety of things to do with excellent communcation. There is so much to do here in the GA, it’s just awesome!

GWNews : What are your projects for the future ?

SquirtN : Future Projects are a secret! Current projects include a 1 yr Anniversary Party for Club AerieN (announcements coming soon) and the Denny & Digi Dirty Bit on Saturdays from 5 to 7p!! It’s an awesome talk show with music and you can actually call into the show using skype and be a part of it!!

GWNews : What would you want to tell to GWNews readers ?

SquirtN : Just that I hope you enjoy ChorroN LametazoN. We have Condo’s and Mall space for rent so come and check us out!!

GWNews : Thank you, SquirtN. We wish you the best of success for your projects and eNjoyment for your SL ;)


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