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VIP interview : Rockridge Constantine

GWNews : Hello Rockridge Constantine, you are owner of Saint Niguel Isle. We are happy to meet you. Thanks to welcome us and take time to answer to our questions. First of all, since how long have you been in SL ?

Rocky : I will be coming up on my 3rd rez day in May this year.  Amazing how time flies here in SL.

GWNews : What kind of enjoyment do you find here ? What was your best experience(s) or memories ?

Rocky : When I came to SL, I really didn’t have any expectations.  It was mainly my curiosity that drove me in-world from the start.  SL is an amazing place where you can do just about anything you want.  Realize your dreams and possibly discover some new passions along the way.

One of these is my latest venture as a DJ in SL.  What started out as a small idea for djing a pool party has grown and really taken off more than I expected.

GWNews : How did you launch your estate ? and what was your first purpose ?

Rocky : Saint Niguel Isle (SNI) was acquired by me in September of 2010 from my friend Troy Auerbauch.  He found that couldn’t devote the time needed in SL to run the sim so he regretfully offered it up for sale.  I was living on the sim along with a few friends and didn’t want to see us all have to move.  So after much thought and checking resources, I offered to buy it, but Troy was so kind enough to waive all that and it was transferred to me.

GWNews : How do you organize your time in SL ?

Rocky : You can find me in SL just about every day.  I find it a great way to relax after a hard day of work in my first life.  I have a wonderful group of SL family and friends that I like to spend time with.  I enjoy exploring, shopping, clubbing, and of course working on my sim which is a never ending process.

GWNews : How do you appreciate the GA ? What did the community bring to you ? and what did you bring to the GA ?

Rocky : Being a part of the GA has been a great experience in terms of resources and connecting with our very diverse community.  The GA has been very supportive in reaching out to our community on many levels.  Even though SNI is not a major destination spot in the GA yet, we still hope to make our small contribution to the GA community in terms of the hospitality and welcoming spirit that we all seek.

GWNews : What are your projects for the future ?

Rocky : My major project which was started a month ago,  has been the complete sim renovation of Saint Niguel Ise..  I am really new at this, but I have a great team helping me out.  So far we have built out SNI into part residential and part light commercial with a large lake in the middle and a small club space.  We have lots of ideas (sometimes too many) but will always focus on providing our friends with a nice place to come visit and have fun.

GWNews : What would you want to tell to GWNews readers ?

Rocky :  We are making slow progress on the sim renovation.  Brady Rowell Photography Gallery and Studio is getting settled and we look forward to the day when we can announce the opening of the residential and shop rentals.  I am sure we will make the announcement on the GA website so stay tuned.

GWNews : Thank you for your time, Rocky. We wish you the best of success and enjoyment !

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