7:22 am - Wednesday June 3, 2015

VIP Interview : Emperor Galtier

GWNews : Ave Emperor Galtier, you are owner of Romanum Estate. Thanks to welcome us and take time to answer to our questions. First of all, since how long have you been in SL ?

Emperor : Emperor Galtier was rezzed 12/26/2009. But my very first avatar was rezzed 10/20/2009.

GWNews : What kind of enjoyment do you find here ? What was your best experience(s) or memories ?

Emperor : Well I love the amazing detail of this three dimensional virtual world and regret it took me so long to know of Second Life. I love how one can customize builds to such intricate detail. My best experiences and memories will be and are the many new friends I have found here. I have met seven of them face to face in real life.

GWNews : How did you launch your estate ? and what was your first purpose ?

Emperor : When Romanum was rezzed (the first Sim) on 12/27/2009, it was the first Sim I bought, a plain empty land mass, full Sim. I decided after only 2 months on Second Life (in 2 other avatars) to create my own world with my third avatar, Emperor Galtier. But Romanum was created because I love history and Roman history is of particular interest to many and Romanum was Second Life’s first gay oriented ancient Roman roleplay world.

GWNews : How do you organize your time in SL ?

Emperor : Unfortunately, as a two Sim owner (Romanum and Romanum II) and a business partner with the owner of Romanum III, I spend a lot of time taking care of Sim issues – Sim maintenance, dealing with resident issues, etc. Since I joined SL in 10/09 I have logged on to SL EVERY day without fail. Occasionally I let my hair down and just have fun.

GWNews : How do you appreciate the GA ? What did the community bring to you ? and what did you bring to the GA ?

Emperor : When the team approached me about the Gay Archipelago, I thought it was a great idea. First I support it because I support LGBT causes in general, but given Romanum’s gay orientation, I frankly feel the GA is a great way to bring exposure to Romanum. Romanum has participated in several GA Events and donated time and money to GA’s common achievements.

GWNews : What are your projects for the future ?

Emperor : Another Romanum sim owned by my business partner, Sebastian Montpenier, is on it’s way. It will be more maritime with more water, less land.

GWNews : What would you want to tell to GWNews readers ?

Emperor : All are welcome at Romanum. We are a roleplay Sim, but we do not have roleplay police. We emphasize friendliness and community. Come and check us out.

GWNews : Thank you for your time, Emperor. We wish you the best of success for your projects and enjoyment for your SL !


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