4:45 pm - Tuesday June 30, 2015

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New SL Viewer Released – Version 3.2

SL Viewer 3.2 released today   Today a new version of SL Viewer was launched, including a much-updated User Interface. ┬áCustomizable from left to right to bottom, you can drag and drop functions wherever you want on the screen edge or...

Singularity Viewer releases 1.6.0 with Mesh Enabled

  Released today, Singularity has released for its Windows PC users, the experimental 1.6.0 version which includes Mesh rendering that so many have been waiting for. WARNING: RLVa is enabled by default. If you don’t want your attachments...
Viewer3 Confusion

Random gripes about Second Life Viewer 3

by Snickers Snook, Snickers’ Doodles OK, I’ve spent about two weeks off & on with Viewer 3 and all I can say is, the next version of Firestorm can’t come any too soon! Keep in mind my comments are coming from having stuck...

Customising Firestorm


Permission Bugs Workaround

As many you may have noticed, since July 9, 2011 there have been issues regarding assigning permissions to you friends. This is a known issue, and has a JIRA associated with it and LL is aware of the problem but not fix date has been set yet....