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My Project 38-001

Castro Cruz Weds. at Tadd’s Dance Club

♬ ➩ TIME ➩ 7-9p.m. SLT ♬ ➩ THEME ➩ Come As You Are ♬ ➩ DJ ➩ DJ InsyX ♬ ➩ HOST ➩ Luke ♬ ➩ DANCERS ➩ Miguel & Gwen ♬ ➩ .Along with the Hottest Men On The Grid. A club you can Always depend on & were everyone...
Blu Dancebar Closing

Blu Closing Party Monday Night 8pm SLT

Click the poster for larger image Blu Dancebar has been around for many years on the Grid.  You can be sure that there is definitely something new on the horizon.  We saw the same thing happen when Steamworks was away and came back.  We...
Hedonism Grand Opening

Hedonism Grand Opening!

We just got word from Gracin Jameson about a sizzling hot new club that is having it’s Grand Opening Tonight!  The club space is open and very nice. The Grand Opening continues all this week with regular parties every night 5-7pm SLT.  ...
My Project 31-001

White Party at Tadd’s Cabaret and Dance Club


The AquA Lounge Celebrates 5 Years This Weekend!

Back in 2007 a dream was born. A drop of water grew into an ocean and thus one of the longest running clubs in the LGBT Community on SL. The AquA Lounge Celebrates 5 years of business and partying this weekend. Events are Scheduled for Thursday...
Rocky Roams Folsom at Night

Folsom in Second Life

Rocky Roams Folsom at Night Last year many of the San Francisco sims shut down and left Second Life, but there is one that is still around and somewhat active.  Folsom is still the home of Blow Buddies where you can catch DJ Hotboy for the...
Alexcub12 Hax & Bora Rossini thumb

Gay Clubbing in Second Life: Alexcub12 Hax & Bora Rossini, by Joaopedro Oh

Caught at Xtasy Club, hunks Alexcub12 Hax, Bora Rossini & Hurtfulsplash Solis pictured by Joaopedro Oh. Joapedro is manager of Gay Meeting Point (GMP) in Second Life, a Gay Events group.  
Xtasy Diwira 2

Back to Xtasy Hunks Party Yesterday

  Gay Clubbing in Second Life! DJ Dinette was back yesterday to Xtasy club (3-5pm pacific time). It was a great time with a contest “Cum as you are”, hot dancers and much fun. Xtasy Club owned by Dario Waddington from Roma...
Tricky's friends

Tricky’s Friends in Second Life

  Tricky Resident who lives in Lexington, Kentucky, is a DJ in Second Life Here are ones of his best friends : Joe Artful, Keagan Westerlow, Tricky and SmokeyJoey Le Bihan. And this is the photo of the Day!  
Tadd's Cabaret3

TADD’S Cabaret & Dance Club, One of the Greatest Gay Clubs On The Grid

  Our guests will receive a warm welcome from our friendly staff inviting them to join in with the ultimate experience in Club Land Entertainment in SL Our weekly line up will include Live Entertainers The best Live DJ’s playing all...
Blue Boys 2

Blue Boys club has closed

GW News has been informed that Blue Boys club has closed.  I took an old LM and found the whole sim demolished and a blank empty store in its place. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dream%20On/212/33/22/   Dream On empty    

Exclusive Interview: DJ Xade. I have been X’ed.

♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠ DJ Xade.  I have been X’ed. Blazing like a meteor shower into my club space, I meet tonight with the incredible energy that is better known...

Tadd’s Cabaret & Dance Club

TADD’S CABARET & DANCE CLUB The GREATEST GAY CLUB ON THE GRID Our guests will receive a warm welcome from our friendly staff inviting them to join in with the ultimate experience in Club Land Entertainment in SL Our weekly line up...

Gay Events in Second Life : Get them Featured !

Events info-Groups Several groups in-world allow you to publish Event notices. Due to the high number of daily notices, they often lose members. More than 5 different notices a day and most members run away or turn the ‘receive group notices’...

XXL is arriving in the GA

XXL is a brand new Club just arrived in the GA. Located in the clouds of Golden Gate, SF Estate, this wonderful place of fun is owned by Miguel Harsley. As Miggy says : XXL is a friendly Club to listen to music, DJ´s and live concerts and have...