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Photo by Lincoln Garnet, Click for Flickr

Exclusive Interview: Chaz Longstaff & Kip Ashbourne – All in the Ball

Photo by Lincoln Garnet, Click for Flickr   When your main mission in Second Life is to create products that help other avatars give each other pleasurable & memorable experiences, it takes a special type of composure to do so with...

New Massage Mat (and 40 other items) From Blue Balls

Avacar & Mathieu checking out the new 2012 Massage Mat __________________________ 2012 PRODUCTS NOW RELEASED __________________________ Announcing for 2012, *41* new products are NOW all released in the store! And new store departments —...
Blue Balls Tough Love conquer mat

Gay BDSM Stuff: New “Tough Love” line from Blue Balls

Announcing the NEW “TOUGH LOVE”  line of mats from Blue Balls. Make invisible at home.   Who knew love could make you flinch? Well, turns out it does, when Love *really* Hurts. Blue Balls has become known for its smooth, sensuous...
Blue Balls Love Bites1

Oy! I’m Not A Vampire, Watcha Got For Me?

Blue Balls, Gay animations Store, announcement: Our new Vampire mat is merely the first of our 2012 lineup. We have over 15 completely new models for 2012 that we will be releasing in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned, and stay on the mailing list....
Blue Balls Mainstore entrance

Blue Balls Are Not For Smurfs

Blue Balls — Animated Products Exclusively for Gay Men. Located in lag-free Vancouver Mall. Blue Balls cares… 10% of all sales go to support the  AIDS Committee of Toronto. Toss our mat engines on any furniture, fire up the menu,...