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Sandbox for sale1

The Gay Sandbox for Sale

The Gay Sandbox is now for Sale! Located in the Gay Archipelago, this sandbox welcomes each day an average of 600 builders – 13,000-18,000 traffic count per day. The Sandbox has two areas : one private reserved to members, one public....

Who are you in Second Life?… A Creative Builder, a Lover, a Merchant

Gay WorldNews recently opened up a series of Polls on various subjects (check out the polls here).  One of these polls was very simple, yet results are a bit surprising. Who are you in SL? Yes I know that the range of answers are not that complete...

64 meters prims, and what about the textures ?

An interesting topic found on the SL’s Building and Texturing Forum about the new 64 meters prim option. What about the High resolution textures on them ? Here are few Q & A.  
GA Sandbox

The Gay Archipelago Sandbox – Survey Results

We had a wonderful response to our GA Sandbox Survey that was completed last month and I would like to share with you the results. 1) Why do you come to the GA Sandbox (multiple answer per question selection) 71.7% said that they liked to build...

The GA Sandbox is looking for new teachers

We are looking for people willing to devote time, once a week or so in the following areas: 1) Basic building 2) Intermediate and advanced building 3) Basic scripting 4) Intermediate scripting 5) Advanced scripting If you have the time and skill...