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Scotty or the Art of Emo Snapshot

Scotty Thebadnewsbear is one of those amazing character, personality and artist you can only meet on Second Life. This young German photographer has already received a grid-wide recognition for his work and is currently working on many inworld and outworld projects.


We met him at the Brokeback Babylon LGBT Civil Rights Center as he was working on its new Calendar for 2012. This project aims at raising funds for the Center of which Scotty is a dedicated member and the official photographer.

“I have always liked taking pictures… real life or second life… I usually take pictures to keep memories or to capture funny situations”.


Undeniably, Scotty helps us remember that Second Life memories, for those among us who have been part of the grid for many years, have become indeed sometimes as important as real-life memories. Memories, of love, memories of laughter, memories of happy moments shared with friends, memories of the friends we have unfortunately lost and memories of events that were real landmarks in our not-so-virtual life.

“Second Life is more than a video game; it is more like a medium for me to get to know people.”


People on Second Life enjoy taking pics of themselves but they also appreciate having their pics taken by a professional photographer as the artist adds another dimension to the images and a greater depth of feelings.

“I think most people are proud of their avatars and all the work they put in them. I’m pretty sure that a lot of people would do the pictures by themselves if they knew how to work with the programs. I actually like to get pictures taken by other people too because they work with a snapshot in a total different way than I would and I’m always interested in the result to maybe learn something from it for my own works.”

Scotty also enjoys working on a blue background on which he can add a landscape or some light effects.

“The background always depends on the theme or atmosphere which the picture should have which of course has to fit to the model inside out. I notice that it’s much easier to take pictures of your friends… because you know them and their personality. I was never really focused on nude pictures like I was when we came up with the idea for the nude calendar so it was something new for me to meet all these people I don’t know and see them naked but it was a lot of fun… people made jokes and so the pictures turned out great!”


“This nude Calendar will feature LGBT and Straight people modeling together.”


As there is no way to tell who is gay or who is straight, those images carry a powerful message that we, indeed, are all the same regardless of our sexual orientation. It will be available for sale at the end of November and all funds will go to the Brokeback LGBT Center to promote Civil Rights events.

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