3:16 pm - Tuesday June 2, 2015

Residential Villas for Rent on the Gay Riviera

There are four residential villas on the sim, each offers breathtaking views of if the sim, security systems, and privacy skyboxes.

The details:

Rent: L$950/week, (one week minimum rental, prepay up to 16 weeks)

Prims: 500 prims. Use these to furnish your villa and skybox.

Fully Scripted: Each Villa and skybox have locking doors and privacy windows.

Parcel Media: Each villa is set on its own parcel and includes a parcel

media changer so that you can control the music you listen to.

Security: Each Villa and Skybox are equipped with a security system. This lets you decide who has access to your home.

Contact Baz Ceawlin for more information or a personal tour of available units.

You will need to be added to the residents group to be able to create objects and rez furniture in a rented villa.

Visit the Gay Riviera here

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