11:10 pm - Monday June 29, 2015

RendezVous and LeDome sims scheduled to be moved


Due to departure of Second Life by Benoit Lednev, for family commitments, his two sims, RendezVous and LeDome, are scheduled to be moved soon. They are owned by a Real Estate Agency headed by Desir Flamand.

The sims market is becoming harsh since the Linden Lab’s weekend offer has dramatically reduced prices, Desir said. Anyway, I might find new tenants but I’m going to move these sims as they may be not involved within the gay community.

This past weekend, Linden Lab has launched a special sim sale offer. The result has been : 499 new sims created, bringing the total to 24,459 private regions (Oct, 26).

RendezVous and LeDome were located in the middle of the Gay Archipelago. Benoit Lednev is one of the pioneers of the Archipelago, owning successively Chilipepper, Gay France, Pirate Coves, then renting Rendezvous and Ledome. He is known to be a great landscaper, an amazing builder, plus a smart man. On his last sims, he has recreated The Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore, and built Salem Village and Zoo World amoung wonderful other creations.

We will miss him, said he GA Team and his neighbors. They wish him the best in his personal life and hope to see him back soon.

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