5:14 am - Tuesday June 30, 2015

PURE LIVE TALENT: A May Day event at Chateau de Pandore


Damian Carbenell is a songwriter, pianist, guitarist and vocalist streaming his music into SL from the center of the USA.   He has been hailed as “…one of the best cover artists in Second Life” by Metaverse Music.

Damian is a talented, confident and versatile performer, full of energy.  He sings with tuneful enthusiasm, conviction and style.  Top Quality music and entertainment is always assured at a Damian performance.

A Typical Damian performance might include Jason Mraz, Cold Play, Damien Rice, Adele, Bruno Marx, Ray Charles, Queen,  Mumford and Sons, Travis Tritt, Garth Brooks and so many others.  His wide variety in music style is sure to please everyone!

Damian’s talent and warm personality have graced many stages in SL over the past 4 years.  He now plays limited engagements when he is available and even then, only at very select venues.

This evening, Damian will be performing for you at Chateau de Pandore at 6pm slt.  Don’t miss this May Day treat, brought to you by Geo McAuley and the crew of Pandore!


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