2:32 pm - Friday May 24, 2015

Proposition 8 Finally Up For Review

Proposition 8 was a highly heated race in California which, when passed, reinstated a ban on gay marriage in the state of California.  During a brief window when marriages were considered legal in California, roughly 18,000 same-sex couples got married.

Starting this week, the California Supreme Court is officially studying the facts in this case in order to being making its determination over which political side will win their position.  The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has expressed doubts about the ability of Proposition 8′s sponsors to challenge the lower court ruling absent the involvement of California’s governor or attorney general, both of whom refused to appeal a federal judge’s August 2010 decision striking down the ban as a violation of gay Californians’ civil rights.

Plaintiff Lawyers (who are suing to have Proposition 8 thrown out) argue that ballot initiatives cannot prove that anyone would be harmed if Proposition 8 were lifted.  Defendant lawyers argue that they are qualified to represent the majority of California citizens and speak on their voted behalf.

We will keep an eye and ear out for the outcome of this week’s decision and post here next.  And if you are able, support the human rights organization of your choice that fights legal battles such as this one ongoing in California today.

- Avacar Bluestar

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