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LAST DAY TO ENTER PHOTO COMPETITION! – Visit The Paparazzi Club at Virtual Gay World [VGW]to Enter – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Virtual%20Gay%20World/87/31/21
3 XIJA Baseball Lee Sweater Navy Mustache Hip Cap Skinny Pants

On the Beach with XIAJ!

You will be seeing more of XIAJ on my blog! I fell in love with this unique creator during the last “The 24″ a while back. Over the weeks and months you will see what I mean. Modern and Hip with great style and unusual textures....
2 DS Dusty Oct Gift

Delirium Style’s Generous Gift!

There are creators in SL and then there are CREATORS in SL. DELIRIUM STYLE is successful on many fronts and one aspect I have noticed is there generosity with their gifts. The October men’s gift is a great coat that includes a two version...
JFL Kufi Hat V2 Red-Grey

Hot on the heels of v.1 comes v.2 of the KUFI HAT from the JFL Hat Shop!

JohnFrancis Lefevre from JFL HAT SHOP  never ceases to amaze me.. He is simply one of those rare “work-a-holics”! No sooner than releasing a great new hat, another one comes along. The NEW KUFI HAT V.2 has landed! Even more mysterious...
Sabor Skytower by Sabor Skytower


PHOTO COMPETITION – ONLY A FEW BOARDS LEFT! Prize L$10,000! Voting opens soon! Entry forms and Rules may be collected at Matt’s Photography / Gallery / Studio / Club Paparazzi @ Virtual Gay World! Our latest entry from Sabor Skytower
1 GB Slim fit suit Wing Tip low cut shoes Blue

A great suit or two and a few pairs of new shoes in your wardrobe, is simply a must have from Gabriel!

The past few months and in particular the past few days have been somewhat stressful for me in RL. Having said that, my spirits were lifted when I received my new shape from Ooh-la-licios and lifted even more when I saw the NEW Slim Fit Suit...
7 JFL Kufi Hat v1 tan red DS Brad Leather Jacket Bray'n Ale Unisex Baggies_001

Always something on the go at the JLF HAT SHOP!

JohnFrancis Lefevre from JFL HAT SHOP fame, creates his mesh hats from A to Z. The thought, the shape, the creation are all personal and original.  This is what I find so appealing. His NEW KUFI hat takes one on a mysterious visit to the middle...
Terror On The Mountain

Terror on the Mountain Haunted Attraction – Will You Survive?

  Come and see one of the best Haunted House Attractions in Second Life. Ride the mine car up Terror Mountain to begin your adventure. Will you Survive? Terror on The Mountain is a multi-sensory enhancing multi attraction that is sure...
5 Plains hat V2 Worn Red_001

Keep your head warm this winter! – With a NEW creation from JLF HAT SHOP!

There is simply no doubt in my mind that JeanFrancis Laville from JFL HAT SHOP is the man for hats in Second Life. There are many styles to choose from, with more than enough colour choices. Here is his latest design, a worn plains hat. Perfect...
Rhapsody of the Soul  Ronan Mactavish

A few entries from the Photo Competition – L$10,000 Prize Winner takes ALL!

Entries for the Photo Competition @ the Club Paparazzi have started to arrive. Here are a few of the entrants so far. Full details of the competition and entry forms, may be obtained by visiting Matt’s Photography @ VGW – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Virtual%20Gay%20World/87/31/21 Enjoy, Hugs...

LEARN, SHARE, GROW: LGBT Winter Festival Team wants YOU!

I’m extending an invitation to YOU to JOIN in the planning and operation of the upcoming LGBT Winter Festival in Second life! The GA is widely considered to be the leader in the LGBT Community in this virtual platform and, as in past years...

Legal Insanity!

HOT off the press from Legal Insanity! Autumn Winter Collection 2013. What can I say… Style… Detail… Passion… TDF… This is what SUPERB creators do! I am feeling soooo good! Found at the AVENUE Event now on.  Styling: Jacket/Shirt:...
Dana Delirium Style Latreia Spaghetti Dress Idril Spats'n MaryJ's19_001

Dana looks so good in her Delirium Style Idril spats and spaghetti dress!

It is not often that I get to post about Woman’s Fashion, however, I must admit, it sometimes is more exciting than men and most often more colourful. Following Delirium Style men’s fashion and often rummaging around their shop,...
Fantasy Gay Pride Flag 2013

FANTASY GAY PRIDE: Saturday, Sept. 28th

12pm – noon:  HAMMERFLA MAGIC 1pm:  ”THE FAIRY WHO LOSES HIS WINGS” Fairy Show by Whinge & Pluckett (Karalia Halostar & Greville Oh) 2pm to 4pm:   DJ DANCE (Shay Sunnyside or Starhawk Starostin) RIDE THIS DRAGON TO THE FANTASY...
1st Entry received! Pop down to Matt's Photography Gallery and get YOUR entry in!


  Get yourself down to the Gallery and submit your entry! Our NEW Photograph Competition is a CHALLENGE to both Professional and Amateur Photographers! Theme -  “MUSIC WITHIN AND RELATING TO THE LANDSCAPE OF SECOND LIFE” Prize...

Trolls, Leprechauns, Fairies, Elves, Wizards, Spells, Jack and the Beanstalk.. And MORE!

Yes, Fantasy Gay Pride 2013 starts TODAY! Sponsored by the Gay Archipelago and others, the creators have chosen their favourite Fairy Tales – everything from Jack and the Bean Stalk,  Hansel & Gretel and the Little Mermaid to Grimm’s...
Candy DS Walk on the Beach Closeup Pose02_001

A Walk on the Beach Delirium Style – One for the Ladies!

I met this cute and lovely lady called Candy and she offered to model for me. She had just been shopping at Delirium Style and wanted to show off her new outfit. Because the sun was shining and the sky was blue, we went down to the beach for...
Nicolas DS Live Fast9_001

Live Fast with Delirium Style

We all enjoy a fast life from time to time. Simply throw on some clothes, hit the road and have fun! Delirium Style has some great outfits for this purpose.. You do not need to think.. What shirt.. What jacket.. What pants.. What shoes… Delirium...
Nicholas PobZeb Jacket Pants Boots6_001

I discovered “PobZeb” just by chance!

I was browsing some posts on my FB page the other day and came across a shop called “PobZeb”. I immediately contacted the creator Bruno Malbek. Initially we had a few communication problems as he is based in Spain and I have no proficiency...
Nicolas DS Swag4_001

Delirium style – 49L Swag ???

As you well know, I am an avid follower of Delirium Style and can always be found rummaging around their racks and shelves. One outfit that missed my attention was this great value for money Swag Tank and Baggy Pants. It was an August offer...
RGDW Short Pants Striped - Polo Pink_001

RGDW For Men celebrate 3 years next october!

The look is fresh.. The look is real.. RGDW for Men is a shop you need to visit. Dario Waddington was proudly telling me that they will be 3 years old in October!Read and See more @ Marty Dalglish Fashion in Second Life!   Hugs till later,...
Fantasy Gay Pride Flag 2013

Year 4 of Fantasy Gay Pride – Fairy Tales – Dark & Light!

Every year a small group of creators get together to create a weeklong celebration of everything GLBT.  Their aim is to promote acceptance of all positive sexual orientations and of all genders.  All sexualities are very welcome to their festival...
YOU could win L$10,000

NEW Club Paparazzi – Photo Competition – Music within and relating to Second Life!

  CLUB PAPARAZZI  - Matt’s PhotoGraphY @ Virtual Gay World [VGW] NEW Photograph Competition is a CHALLENGE to both Professional and Amateur Photographers! Theme -  “MUSIC WITHIN AND RELATING TO THE LANDSCAPE OF SECOND LIFE” Prize...
The 24 Coming August 23rd-31st, 2013-512

The 24 – August 23-31

AVENUE, Designing SL, KMADD, The Nest, and The Gay Archipelago along with Siren Productions are excited to bring you The 24. This wonderful event takes place August 23rd-31st, 20131. 24 amazing menswear, womenswear, home, and pose designers...
Studz Logo

Studz Gay Dance Club Events – August 12, 2013 through August 18, 2013

Studz Gay Dance Club Sunday, August 11, 2013 : 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM SLT 8P to 10P @ Studz – Thongs – $500L Contest 8-10P. No thong song tonight. Just sexy asses and wrapped packages will be showing in those tight thongs. Join us...

Boardwalk Games at Beach Boyz Gay Resort

Boardwalk Games is the first and hottest gay gaming and fun spot on the grid! We cater to both gay and straight in an anything goes environment since we are on a adult sim! Mega Dice,Super B,Lucky 5,Party Crashers,4way,Reel Wild,4Play,Core5,Deals...
Annon, The Gate. + Fallen Gods Inc.

Photo of The Day – Annon, The Gate. + Fallen Gods Inc.

You will definitely want to visit the breath-taking region so here is your Teleport.
Mens Dept - August 2013

Mens Dept – August 2013

 Here is your taxi to a great shopping experience.
The 24 Logo

The 25 – Coming August 23-31

We have received information regarding an upcoming event that you are not going to want to miss. *24 Amazing Menswear Designers… *24 Wonderful Womenswear Designers… *24 Fabulous Home Designers… *24 Marvelous Pose Designers… 1...

‘PRIDE & PROGRESS’ LGBT 2013 Summer Festival Concludes