2:32 pm - Friday May 24, 2015

Oupolis – A New Sim in the GA by Outis Juventa

Photo by Avacar Bluestar

I stopped over at Outis Juventa‘s newest sim Oupolis for the second time since I first met him.  The initial greeting was right after his sim was created within the Gay Archipelago and someone rushed the announcement of his arrival he said “Way before he was ready for anyone to see it.”  He was trying to do as much as he could surrounding his own RL schedule in order to make things happen in a positive way.
I did however enjoy a preliminary tour around the property as he explained his plans and what to develop where.  It is my second meeting here that I am writing most about today as I have revisited after much of his hard work is approaching completion.

An avid artist and creative energy, Outis has a huge passion to create an arts creation center for budding new artists in Second Life.  He showed me a couple of terraces and places he has designed for artists to take advantage of a very generous prim allowance they might need for painting or sculpting work.  Other areas of the sim are purely for relaxation in a few secluded get-away spots, see the various birds, fish, and other animated creatures surrounding the beautiful landscaping, all completed at the hand of Outis himself.  He added that all plants have scripting in them to allow him to instantly change the season’s appearance on the sim.

He demonstrated this to me with a small patch of tomato plants near the farm house.  I saw newly planted sprouts, fully grown plants, and then they had tomatoes ripening on the vines.  I wanted to grab one to take home with me.

He mentioned he has an underwater portion on the sim and I ask if we can walk through.  I see a couple fish and some plants rezzed in, and then a huge batch of jelly fish.  As we passed them by, I jokingly tell Outis, “Ouch – I think they stung me!”

After leaving water and winding up by the farm house I recognize a painting by Vincent Van Gogh –  Outis told me that many things are done based on his love for cultural things… the donkey for Stevenson, the sunflowers for Van Gogh, and the vegetable s for Arcimboldo.  I told him it is like art came to life there.

Various spots decorate the inside of the farm house, and in the side room there animations prepared that allow your avatar to clean floor, iron a shirt, wash dishes and bake.  Also sleep on the bed provided.  But, Outis explains, this is a PG rated sim and it has no adult-type animations anywhere.

In another corner of the sim in addition the large gallery space and art farm, he showed me where he is building a museum of Freemasonry, a topic that has always interested him.  We walk to a room with wall hangings of portraits of notable Mason figures and a full-scale model of a Masonic Temple.

There is a canoe rezzer so you can take your avatar for a trip by water to see the land available anytime for you to enjoy.  One corner of the sim replicates the ruins of the Dale Abbey in Dorset, England.

A small photo op spot Outis said replicates a mix of Sweden and Scotland and has a small beach area typical of Swedish or Danish beach.  In the art corner, he also has a club set up for DJ parties and for classical music shows.

I ask a little about his history in SL and early interests.  Outis said, “Well, I found SL boring at the beginning and many people really stupid and interest-less.  Then I became involved in a project to save the Chilipepper sim.  I found that intelligent and usefull, so I got experience and wished one day to have my own place.  I started to take and still take building classes in order to increase my skills.  I was not looking at all for friendship  but the surprising and unexpected thing happened to me that I met a few really very true and deep friends.  AND I really enjoy those guys I discovered and who sometimes are very different of me and have quite other interests.”

He adds that he does not wish to make a business of his sim, because it is merely here for his and his guests’ enjoyment.  He also loves placing it in the Gay Archipelago so more people will have a chance to find the beauty it provides.

After our interview ends, we teleport out to join Owl Braveheart’s birthday party, already in progress.  We hope you take the time to chill out and relax with Outis and friends and artists on his sim and maybe you too will find your inner creative self one day.

– Avacar Bluestar

Second Life SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Oupolis/105/12/24/


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