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Opensim is getting everyday easier… Let’s use as a Lab for our mesh.. New World Studio by Olish Newman

I wrote many articles on how it can be possible to install and use OpenSim in a “fast & sweet” way. You can refer here http://virtualworldsmagazine.wordpress.com/2011/02/26/1107am-i-start-downloading-opensim-1145am-i-have-a-working-multiuser-educational-virtual-space/ there is also a sim-on-a-stick thing helping you out there (http://simonastick.com/). But usually it is a bit difficult to configure external access due to firewall, routers crossing in our way :(


From the beginning of 2011 it is available a very good opensource windows tool build byOlish Newman (one of the manager of  New World Grid, http://www.newworldgrid.com/, a very interesting and outstanding OpenSim grid from France).

Olish made available an OpenSim version, very easy to install, which automaticall takes care to configure firewall and router to be accessible automagically from the web. Right now the NWS (New World Studio) version available is aligned to OpenSim which is not supporting the new V3 mesh from Linden. But with a small trick I’m explaining how you can adapt it to the  0.7.2 OpenSim version, which I personally verified being fully compatible with V3. It allows you to upload Mesh and Rigged Avatar, so it is quite important for those who want to study mesh at their home without depending from LL or Aditi grid.

To download this version you must go here : http://code.google.com/p/newworldstudio/ and download the  portable version. Standard version is offering Diva version  ( https://github.com/diva/d2/downloads).

One important note is that when you install NWS you (optionally) can enable support for sharing your CPU with BOINC project  http://boinc.berkeley.edu/, which is making particularly intersting this project for “activists” caring to the health of the planet.

To be able to exploit latest news from OpenSim 0.7.2, particularly the Mesh v3 support  (different from previous OpenSim version already supporting “old” meshes since October 2010 but now are no more compatible due to LL protocol changes), you must follow these instructions: http://forum.newworldgrid.com/TUTO-to-change-the-OpenSim-version-in-the-new-version-of-New-World-Studio-Hypergrid-td3130786.html which are quite simply rephrased in two steps: 1) download and unzip Diva 0.7.2 version from here: https://github.com/diva/d2/downloads and 2) copy the content to the folder opensim/diva-r15592 you find in the NWS distro.

Then start the NewWorldStudio.exe and you can configure your own virtual environment in a bunch of seconds, including external access to your sim (this is not that obvious), BOINC support if you choose so for a better world and automatic configuration of your  Router and Firewall. I did that and I succeed :) [Added: Even if I had to try at least three times!!]

Only “problem” is that voice is not working, but we know that voice is not one of the strong points in OpenSim. If you are a domestic user and don’t have a fixed IP you have to configure an external dynamic dns service such as dyndns.org since your IP is constantly changing and you must use this address as reference instead of your IP  NWS is autodetecting). For deeper information on dyndns please check here: http://www.astahost.com/info.php/Setting-Dyndns_t13622.html

For NWS installation see also this video:

New World Studio Tutorials – How to startup di newworldgrid
New World Studio configures a full  webserver wifi to configure new users which you can reach here http://localhost:9000/wifi/login .

After launching this tool, you can connect with viewer 3. (Or with any standard OpenSim clients). Using V3 allows you to upload Mesh or rigged avatars and this method has obviously many advantages.

If you connect with standard viewer remember the trick of setting –loginuri http://yourdns:9000 on the start line of your shortcut as also specified here http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewer_parameters

Only things you must be alerted:

  • At first login my avatar was at 10K meters and I had to patiently wait until it landed :(
  • I had to create from scratch all shapes, skin, hair, eyes, otherwise viewer 3 or firestorm don’t show my avatar (and still I had to wait for some minutes until they were worn)
A part from these problems I was able to import my mesh and avatars I used in SL and they were exactly working the same.:
So we see that we can exploit virtual worlds at max extend (excluding voice), easily and effectively without paying a $ :)
Salahzar Stenvaag

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