2:33 pm - Saturday June 3, 2015

New happyend Store Opens

Now open on the Dunhill sim, our friend & tenant Handyman Rhapsody announces the opening of his new store called ‘happyend’ featuring casual men’s fashions (shirts and jeans so far) and is welcoming your perusal.

Nothing in the store is priced at more than $139L  Be sure to shake statue Philip Linden’s hand when you arrive.

You can take the SLURL listed next or search Dunhill in world map, Teleport there, & catch the sporty Zipline to the store.  Or rez yourself a 4-wheeler, sit on it, hit page up once, then have fun driving over to the corner where the store is – the long way around!

SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dunhill/48/211/46



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