2:32 pm - Sunday May 23, 2015

Lawana Mayfield – Lesbian Powerhouse in NC Politics


Lewana Mayfield is the fourth openly gay or lesbian candidate to run for local office in Charlotte, North Carolina in USA; she’s also the first ever to win any election — primary or general — in the Queen City. She now faces Republican Ed Toney in the general election on Nov. 8. If successful, Mayfield will become the first openly gay or lesbian person elected to local office in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.

She unseated a four-term seat holder in order to win her current position.  But the rest of the community is shooting for bigger things form Miss Lawana.  Her Facebook page is at http://www.facebook.com/#%21/lawana.mayfield

Ms. Mayfield also said, “”I had hoped the community wanted to see something different and that they would support me but, honestly, I was never arrogant enough to assume that I’d win.  I’m confident our community is ready for a change and they are confident in the fact that I’ll get on council and fight for the community and that I mean what I say.”

Good luck to you in November, Lewana… We encourage you to lead your community in a way positive for all.

- Avacar Bluestar


Additional Information & Video at: http://www.lawanamayfield.com

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