4:13 am - Saturday May 23, 2015

Gay Nations Grand Opening Weekend

Gay Nations is having its Grand Opening this weekend Saturday May 19th  Starting at 9:00 am pacific time  & Sunday May 20th  

Come help us celebrate!

We will be giving away a free full Sim to one lucky person at the event.

Included in the weekend long event is a total of  7 Live singers, 50,000 G’s in various Sploders (in world money) and  4 Dj’s

Great DJ’s Spinning the tunes for you are

Dj Hotboy

Dj Johnny

Dj Lemonodo

Dj z

Live performers are

Grif Bamaisin

Phoenix j

Wytchwhisper Sadofsky

Nance Brody


Molly Serpente


See the event board at the welcome center for event times and landmarks to the events and more information

Need Help ? log into live chat on our website at


For more information visit the Gay Nations website.

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