5:37 pm - Wednesday May 27, 2015

Gay Halloween in Second Life : Spook-tacular!

Spook-tacular Hallowe’eN HaveN

You may ask yourself:  ’What’s a Hallowe’en Haven?’ Satisfy your curiosity and travel to the GA sim of ChorroN LametazoN. Pumpkin patches have sprouted up everywhere (BOY, have they got pumpkins).

Have your fortunes told to you by the fortune-teller; experience the ‘bounce house’ mausoleum and feel free to ‘hang out ‘ (literally) at the gallows.   You’ll also see the ‘one and only’ Club AerieN has gone black and orange – and it appears now to be suddenly HAUNTED!

The bats, witches, ghosts and coffins of PlazaN are waiting to greet you……in their own special ways!  mmmwwaHHHahaha

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