2:15 pm - Saturday May 30, 2015

Exclusive Interview: Mike – owner of Caicos, a new Gay sim in Second Life


Interview by Othon Weiland

A few days ago the adult sim Caicos appeared for the first time in the GA corner of the grid map. Its owner, mikeyg24 – “Mike”, introduces himself:

I found my way into SL only a relatively short time ago, and I now wonder why it took me so long. But I’m fast making up for lost time. I’m generous, fair, fun loving and loyal to my friends. My avatar’s character reflects the person behind it. In RL I own a small web design agency in the UK which I started in 2004. When I’m not working or spending time in SL, I enjoy the company of my close friends with a beer in a traditional British pub.

Can you tell the readers a bit more about the name Caicos?

I named the sim after Caicos, an RL island in the British West Indies, north west of the French West Indies. It seemed the obvious choice given the sim’s location.

Is Caicos a part of the West Indies estate or more a partner of that estate ?

I like to think that Caicos is very much a part of the West Indies estate. The only difference is that I am the owner and manager of Caicos, and Medhi Bury is the Owner of the other 6 regions in the West Indies Gay Islands. Before Caicos, I called the neighbouring sim, Gay Island Lagoon, my home for a short period. But in that time I met some amazing people who I am now proud to call my friends. There is a true feeling of community among the residents across the islands.

Why have you chosen a tropical beach as main landscape?

I was drawn to the tropical theme of the West Indies estate. It is the perfect setting for fun, relaxation, and making new friends on the beach while watching breathtaking sunsets. It is a welcome contrast to RL rainy days here in the UK. Caicos borders Gay Island Lagoon and I wanted it to blend seamlessly with the original estate. It is an expansion of the estate rather than an evolution to a new and different theme, which would not have looked right given the sim’s perfect location. – “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”.

Your new sim is 1/2 marked yellow as for sale. What do you offer future residents?

A large part of Caicos is now my SL home and, yes, the remaining space is for sale. The weekly tier is set at the same rate as the other 6 islands in the estate. I offer future residents the chance to call a part of the West Indies Gay Islands their SL home. They will have the opportunity to become part of our friendly and diverse community and make many new friends, as I have. Residents will have the space to express themselves while respecting the overall tropical theme. I also offer stability, my help and support, if and when required.

What are your plans for future?

If you’re asking me if I am planning more new sims then my answer is no. My primary aim in SL is enjoyment and friendship, not business and profit. I want to contribute positively to the West Indies community, meet more new and interesting people, go to the theatre, or dance the night away at in one of the many excellent clubs. I also want to explore more of the many weird and wonderful regions in SL.

Do you have a message for our readers?

Enjoy life, real and “second”, and when in SL come visit me on Caicos, I’d love to meet you.

Have a great time with us, Mike. And thanks for adding more awesome looking islands in the Archipelago.


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