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Exclusive Interview: DJ Xade. I have been X’ed.

Xade undamann


DJ Xade.  I have been X’ed.

Blazing like a meteor shower into my club space, I meet tonight with the incredible energy that is better known as DJ Xade.  We discuss his beginnings, viewpoints, and some aspirations for the party he heartily enjoys making for all of us to enjoy.  In Q&A format, I bring you my frank and most -direct discussions with all its sincere intentions.

First – I encourage as you start to read this interview, to click over to Xade’s page on Soundcloud.com website and choose one of his music tracks as background music as you read and absorb the rest of the interview below.  It will really bring you to a first-hand understanding of the work he strives to perfect in Second Life.  His page can be found here:  http://soundcloud.com/therealdjxade


A(vacar): How long have you been active in Second Life?

X(ade): Well within a matter of a few weeks in joining SL I was working at two different clubs within SL for one.  I recall my first friend i met in SL was a nice guy str8 man who directed me in many different directions to get myself put together within a matter of a day and was quite amusing people assumed I was an alt for being knowledgeable of SL and having avatar put together better than a 1 day old avie

A: I met at Dexter’s party Sunday – posted in pic even, was only 2 days old and had nice avie – swore to me was not an alt.

X: Well I am sorta disappointed my first friend is no longer in SL, as he was a huge help to me developing myself so quickly, and with that being said I met a few other friends who I don’t see as often as I like but those two girls really shown me how to pull self together thus why I guess I had a good start within SL and why I have always wanted to assist in improving things for people within SL.

A: So you were all avie’d up, already working, when did you get time to discover your place in SL at a pace with others your age? Talking about thngs like, how to make outfits, make alphas work, build simple things, etc.

X: I soon realized I was further along than others in my age group very quickly, but I found myself helping others right away giving landmarks and such to pay it forward which is something I prefer to live by even inReal Life.  Oh in that aspect, I decided to play and work and host within SL for like 6 months and then I remember I needed a break and took a week off from things inworld and decided to start building in december of 2010, granted many are WORLDS ahead of me but I learned the basics very quickly and since i am a numbers junkie building came very easily.

A: so as you discovered the typical party scene in SL, how did it differ from the type of event you preferred to present?

X: How do I put this without being taken wrong? Thus the disclaimer up front. Party scenes in SL were amzing to me upon first entering SL it was a brand new world and such… so much to explore and discover; friends to meet and make; but I guess in time the Shinyness started to fade a bit, and I was thinking, what can I do to bring something to the table? I had real life club experience as a manager, real life DJ experience in radio and was working as a manager in a club within SL and was doing what I thought was to make things fun and interesting.  Then it was presented to me, why not DJ?

A: So the idea was born to become a SL streamer… with stars in your eyes?

X: I knew what I wanted to offer to SL, but knew I only had previous radio jockey DJ’ing under my belt, but had worked in a control room on air and in production as well, so I used that knowledge to start dj’ing in SL.  So I started DJ’ing using the concepts of Mixing (basic mixing) which I hear some DJ’s use within SL. But I knew I wanted to perfect the CLUB Style before I decided to bring it out and offer it to SL as another choice to listen to within SL.

A: Would you say the average SL DJ has his or her own ‘top 40′ playlist and sometimes if you patron them enough, it tends to get somewhat stale?

X: It is HARD WORK to stay on top of Music coming out almost daily. For example, yesterday I only made it through 6 of the 32 music blog websites I go through every chance I get and they direct you out to get the music and read upon the buzz on a new track and what not, then gotta search the track and then preview it etc

A: I agree- you have to observe trends, take time to listen to new stuff, analyze and compare to existing works…

X: Yesterday i previewed about 300 songs and only downloaded 65

A: So you are not only the DJ, you are also the program director

X: Usually within 15 to 30 seconds of clicking to a few places within a track I can decide if is my style or a hit; for those 65 songs I spent 7 hours time on a day off from real life work, but I also handed off like 4 tracks to one DJ, and I think 10 or 12 to another.

A: I understand totally on that tip – with you its songs, with me its articles — I can spend three or four hours a day and come out with only two articles completed.

X: I like to push the NEW stuff onto people and basically expose them to songs they might not normally hear.

A: I would say one of my pet peeves is going to a party where all I hear is exactly the same thing I have listened to all day on contemporary hits radio.  I was at oen party yesterday and heard the voiceover of the REAL DJ coming out of my speakers before it got quickly faded and the SL DJ started talking.

X: I can not believe I am going to say this, but I get requests from people all the time for songs well past 6 months old and typically I have archived those songs and prefer to not play them as I try and stay within a 30 day window of tunes except for a few here and there that are favorites of regulars or even a favorite all time song of mine.  Well I must admit not everyone has the ability or the inclination to try and be a club style DJ and that works for many of them, it really do. There are several DJ’s out there I LOVE listening to to hear them on mic and how they work a crowd, even though they might not be a mixing DJ. Every DJ has their strong point

A: That’s understandable. OMG have you seen all the dozen clubs that have started up over the past week or so alone? It’s unreal.  How do they all find enough party-goers out there

X:  Well all those clubs starting up is great. Personally I think it offers people choices actually as well.

X: Back to what you said I wanted to see in SL, I strive to present brand new tunes, new mixing styles, different moods, etc while DJ’ing as you know when at a set of mine I am not talking much within local chat as I am busy digging through songs to find the next Key or Beat Per Minute song I am going to play.

A: I have noticed you keep your craft to a higher standard than most party DJ’s I know here

X: Dj’ing for real is not only just playing a song it is keeping the energy and mood of a crowd going. I am so going to get flack for this comment, but I take pride in raising the bar and hope that others might want to strive to attain the level I prefer to be at when entertaining people within SL.

A: Say a novice DJ were to approach you in a friendly manner, admiring your work, has showman potential and asking to be your protege.  Would you consider his proposal?

X: I am always looking around as well to see if there are people who I might be able to assist in minor hints and tips or even finding someone that would be interested in possibly learning what I am doing as well…. again I am sure will catch more flack for this. Whether people realize it or not, I always got my ears open to listen to see if there is someone that might be a diamond in the rough. I also know I got far to go as well as a DJ within SL and even eventually RL

A: So extending that, you could potentially turn out DJ graduates the same way many modelling schools take eager narciccists and turn them into runway superstars?

X: Well unfortuantely I would not have the time for an actual say DJ school as you were stating, but I’ve been looking for a few to offer pointers and such and have offered some pointers already.

A: Do you feel Linden Labs is coming out with enough advances in technology quick enough to meet the modern DJ needs in order to keep the club patrons happy?

X: Well as the owner of CiRKuit Dreams, Hayden has stated it is all about the music and that stems from my love of music, and his experience as well in RL, as music affects people in so many different ways, it lifts spirits, changes moods, puts smiles on faces, chases away a bad day, so LL and their tech advancements I don’t percieve as an issue. I believe that it is becoming known that people can attend a set of mine and they’ll hear new stuff every set as i take pride in finding new tunes all the time.

A: So if LL came up with a SIM that could host 1000 avatar party size tomorrow, you’d want to play there?


A: Thats a kind of advancement I mean, I guess ;)

X: The more people a DJ can reach and affect with their music the better during a set.  I know there are several times I don’t even pick the next song… The Music itself chooses to be played. (hopes not asked to explain)

A: So when not DJ’ing or prepping show, where is somewhere in SL that helps keep you sane?

X: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I thought everyone knew I was a few clowns short of a circus.

A: I guess in some sense, yes -well you say you are a budding builder and numbers person.  I assume something architecturally interesting would be in your sights.

X: I guess maybe I take the DJ thing very seriously in SL as it is my venue to launch for real in RL in time.

A: Its good that you have the future in mind and are able to use the feedback you get here while you sort that all out.

X: I am at a loss for words right now, that is unusual for me

A: How so i wonder?  Are many people not able to understand most of what you talk about?

X: Many people I think misunderstand my bluntness and my opinionated nature.

A: Don’t you feel your experience in production and able to foresee the outcome gives you some boldness to a degree hoping to bring any naysayers around?

X: I will say this much; when I started DJ’ing in SL, which was basically 8 months ago, I was told by several people whom I value their opinions dearly, that it would take time to make name as DJ within SL, and honestly that pushed me even harder to show people what talents I had even more so.  So yeah, I guess you can say I got some boldness, as you put it.  I also love seeing people striving to do things I do as well as I love a challenge.  Honestly, I would love to have maybe a DJ I help give me a run for my money within SL- as then they would push me even harder to raise the bar even further. I sound like an arrogant ass saying that, but it was not meant that way.

A: You mean like a little healthy competition like the breakdancing movies of the 80s…? But everybody shakes hands in the end.

X: I loved those 80′s movies. LOL! ^-^

A: Me too – I love the old soundtracks from Electric Bugaloo and all that – I usually pull a track or two out during my sets – Remember “Din daa daa?”

X: I still have Electric Bugaloo on cassette as i could not get rid of it

A: about 10+ years ago, I sold the CD of Breakin 1 to a kid in canada for about $150 – was original issue – then like a couple months later the movies were reissued on DVD

X: You made out like a bandit then on that CD.

A: Ebay to the rescue!  So any last thoughts you can raise?

X: I am hoping for people to have choices for what kind of mood they are in and such to go and party within SL.  I will say this much, I am still holding back a bit on my DJ style as I been easing people into exposing them to afterhours sound. I guess I went to too many raves, and circuit parties and after hours parties within my 20′s. I have yet to really see anyone doing a true after hours set, I myself am not doing a true after hours set as within SL need more vocals for people as most I assume are not strung out on extra curricular activities like they would be in a true Boom Boom Boom after hours :)

About Xade’s SOUNDCLOUD: “That is where will be placing 45 minute to 1 hour mixes for people to listen to even when not within SL if they like. I been slacking last few weeks as real life job been working me to death for a couple of weeks, but targetting Thursday having a new podcast up.”

Whew.  Probably the longest interview on this site now having completed the editing stage several hours later, I hope you can feel the passion and desire to hone his craft while preparing a shot at larger and ticket-buying crowds is what drives someone to make the most of his time here in Second Life.  I hope many of you can take that energy and spread a little of it into whatever project you are trying to master in your game.  BUT, do it for yourself.

– Avacar Bluestar

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