7:50 am - Thursday May 28, 2015

Do you want to become a Sandbox Helper?

The LGBT Sandbox in Second Life/Gay Archipelago is always looking for new helpers.

You must be at least 180 days old to apply and have basic knowledge of parcel management. To obtain a form to apply as a helper and the links to the helper’s test, please contact Alum Dagger to request an application. The process involves filling in the application, returning it to Alum and then taking the 2 tests, followed by an interview. The team is growing and we need people from all over the world to maintain our 24/7 coverage of the Sandbox and help our users.

These are volunteer positions, however the Sandbox is almost always busy and there are lots of people to help. If you are a teacher as well (see the Request for Teachers post below) then please again contact Alum Dagger.

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