11:39 pm - Friday May 22, 2015

Blue Love Beach Boardwalk Now Open

As a reporter here at GWN I don’t often write about Blue Love Village, my little corner of SL, because I don’t like to grandstand or be seen as a self promoter – at least not here. That disclosure out of the way, I do want to share about a new attraction at Blue Love I’m very excited about

Having just added a new 9000 meter section of beach front and ocean water property, the new Blue Love Beach Boardwalk is now open. The floating amusement park, just a short rope bridge walk off the beach, has a large Ferris Wheel and a huge double barrel water slide.

Both the Ferris Wheel and water slide get you 70+ meters above sea level to enjoy vast sweeping views of the ocean and coast. On party deck is a small bar and a number of intimate and not so intimate spots to get close with a buddy when you get tired of the G-Rated rides.

Best of all the location features the newest station on the growing Blue Love Tram Line. The latter is a new automated theme park style tram that spans the entire ½ SIM that is Blue Love Village. The tram stops at a collection of stations including the residential properties Rainbow Tower Condos, Rainbow Motel and the luxurious Castro Hotel.

On the beach you will also find the new Boardwalk Village Shops and a Dude Ranch themed sex play area called Grunt’s Scout Camp. There you can sit around the campfire with a beer or get to kinoodling in the cabin, the barn or out in the wide open in fine cowboy style.

While there are many builds and SIMs out in SL that are far larger, more popular and even much nicer than Blue Love Village, this is the place I call home in SL. Creating a theme park environment that offers places for my SL brothers to have both childish and adult fun, share and love each other is my joy here. Come see it!

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