2:32 pm - Monday May 24, 2015

Blow Buddies, The Nasty Gay Biker Bar

Blow Buddies in San Francisco is The rough and tumble Gay Biker Bar, where the action can sometimes be raunchy, but is always fun.

Rough sex is encouraged during the parties because we love to watch! says Jeb Nicholls, Blow Buddies manager. You know, it’s the kind of place where they have to sweep up the eyeballs off the floor after every party. Where the smells of rough sex, stale piss, leather and motor oil permeate the air.

They have parties many times a week in the Gay Archipelago and as well in Gay Nations. Hotboy Skytower is the DJ, and Pro Thor and Jebb are co-host.

Men, get your biker ass over there !!

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