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BARE AS YOU DARE: [ N ] Club – GRAND Opening Friday May 11th, 10pm slt


GR:  I caught up today with Geremy Pallis, manager of the new [ N ] Club (on the GA sim ChorroN LamatezoN)  hosting their Grand Opening tonite, Friday May 11th.  Congratulations, Geremy!  Tell the readers about the new club:

GP: Well, Garth, this has been a long time coming and a lot of hard work for a few, but I think the new club will blow our visitors away. Its fresh, modern, and fun, and in my opinion, much more user friendly, for both our awesome DJs and staff and the patrons. Its gonna be a one of a kind build that you won’t see anywhere else, thanks to the amazing work of Mr. Gracemount.

GR: Will there be a regular weekly schedule of DJ’s? Snapshot-_-Club-AerieN-ChorroN-LametazoN-128-115-21

GP:  We do have a regular schedule that we will be carried over from the former Club  AerieN and we are working on even more events. We currently have sets on Monday, Wed, Thursdays, and Fridays, with more to come soon. With talent like DJs Digi, Si de Brit,Destiny, and our very own SquirtN Wonder, you can pretty much find whatever style you might want and the crowd you can enjoy. And stay tuned, there is more to come!

GR: So tell me, Geremy -what’s the hardest part of managing a club like this?

GP:  I think the hardest part is working to find a good set that people enjoy on a regular theme. Tweaking it to keep it interesting is such a fine art sometimes, that you can stress over maybe more than you should, but its all about trying to provide a fun environment for people in SL to come to, and look forward to hanging with people they know.  Walking that fine I think is the hardest part, but its well worth it.

GR:  We’ve all seen gay clubs come and go fairly regularly in SL.  Well, in RL as well come to think of it.  Are you starting off with any kind of ‘philosophy’ about longevity for the club?

GP: I think the most important thing is to give the people a reason to come see you. Fun tunes, fun people, that make you feel comfortable when you come to our events, and to keep event open to all, from the youngest sl-er to the long time veteran. This is such a fair weather business, and as you said, clubs can come and go, but the most important thing, in my eyes, is to keep what we do right but not be afraid to change something as well.

GR:  So, the Grand Opening is tonite!  What secrets have you got up your sleeve for your attendees?


GP:  This is going to be a fun party! SquirtN Wonder’sevent is our Bare as You Dare and starts at 10pm slt and will go until midnight, or longer sometimes. We will be revealing the entire new build, so that is going to be an event in itself. I can not praise Mr G enough for all the hard work he has done. We will be having a contest, and as always, a tiny bit of naughty fun! And look for more events in the coming couple of weeks, to showcase the new club!

GR: I’ll let you get back to preparations for the Opening, handsome.  Thank you for your time; congratulations again and know that the GA is proud to have [ N ] Club in the GA club circuit!

GP:  Thanks Garth and I hope we will see you around the new  [ N ] Club too soon !


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