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Photo by Lincoln Garnet - Click to Enlarge

Pic Of The Day – Buck Knave At Gayborhood Sim

Photo by Lincoln Garnet - Click to Enlarge   As i was collecting the story details about Gayborhood, noted photographer Lincoln Garnet popped in and took this snapshot of Buck as he was processing the remains of the sim grounds.  Join...
Gayborhood Sim - Special image to GW News from Dru Eiren

Breaking News: Gayborhood Sim Closed.

Gayborhood Sim Joining the list of surprise sim closings, comes one many people never imagined seeing in their Second Life… the closing of the very popular Gayborhood Mall Sim.  Effective immediately, the sim has been vacated and all...
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Pic of the Day by Ray Loxingly

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Photo by Lincoln Garnet - Click to Enlarge

Pic of the Day – Moonlight by Lincoln Garnet

Photo by Lincoln Garnet - Click to Enlarge

Fabrice Snook, GW News Founder

It is with great sadness that we report to you the death in Real Life of the man known to most as Fabrice Snook. Fabrice has been missing from his usual activities and out of contact for quite some time – unusual behavior for him. ...

Gov. Gregoire Proposes Marriage Equality for Washington State

Gov. Gregoire announces historic legislation for marriage equality in Washington state If approved, Washington to become 7th state in nation to legalize gay marriage   OLYMPIA –Standing before supporters of marriage equality, Gov. Chris...

Fox Hole Club Hiring

The Fox Hole — is opening this upcoming Saturday the 7th… in Second Life. The Club Parties will begin at Noon SLT (US Pacific) and run through Midnight SLT. We are looking for Dancers and Hosts to occupy this event from the time...
Photo by Lincoln Garnet, Click for Flickr

Exclusive Interview: Chaz Longstaff & Kip Ashbourne – All in the Ball

Photo by Lincoln Garnet, Click for Flickr   When your main mission in Second Life is to create products that help other avatars give each other pleasurable & memorable experiences, it takes a special type of composure to do so with...

Pic of the Day – New Year’s Party @ Twink Nation II

SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/TWINK%20NATION%20II/200/56/21 These party revellers were finding their own best way to ring in 2012… Rock on into the new year gentlemen! - Avacar Bluestar
Sign offering thanks to sim mgmt.

Paradise Beach Closing

Sign offering thanks to sim mgmt. Popular gay beach in Second Life is closing as of the last day of December (today), a former tenant has informed GW News.  We suspect other popular gay beaches such as Spurt, White Sands, Twink Nation, etc....

New Massage Mat (and 40 other items) From Blue Balls

Avacar & Mathieu checking out the new 2012 Massage Mat __________________________ 2012 PRODUCTS NOW RELEASED __________________________ Announcing for 2012, *41* new products are NOW all released in the store! And new store departments —...

Rent Quarter Sims @ Dos Toros in Gay Archipelago

  These are homestead sim quarters, so prim count is reduced to split evenly among quarters @ 937 prims per parcel.  Rated at 9000L/month, these flatland sim parcels are ready for your immediate occupancy.  Parcels can be combined. ...

Second Pride Festival of Lights Party

WHERE TO FIND US: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Prairie%20Shores/94/112/999 Tomorrow, December 28, 2011 both from 10am-1pm and 6pm-10pm Join Second Pride for the Festival of Lights!!!!! Come and Vote for your Favorites!!!!! We will...

CEO Rodvik Humble Shares Highlights From 2011 and his Outlook for 2012

CEO Rodvik Humble Shares Highlights From 2011 and his Outlook for 2012. byLinden Lab on 12-22-201102:27 PM – last edited on 12-22-201102:27 PM As we head into the new year, I’d like to share some highlights from 2011, as well as a...
There's One On Every Corner...

Pic of the Day – Aero Pines Winter Park Festival

There's One On Every Corner... Avacar finds a huge stack of “Awffle” Waffles at the Awffle House while driving around the huge 12-sim complex known as Aero Pines, which is the 5th Annual Winter Festival that opens today.  Get...
Winter Landscape + Christmas2

Showtime Sim Goes Winter Bringing Gifts

A Postcard-Perfect Holiday Season at Gay Nations Showtime Sim in Gay Nations hit a winter storm that dumped lots of snow and a little cheer to bring in the upcoming Holiday Season.  BUT the gifts are already here in the form of a fully stocked...
L to R, Avacar, DJ Benji

Pic of the Day – Sleigh Ride in Echo Lake

L to R, Avacar, DJ Benji SLurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Echo%20Lake/100/174/23/ Photo by Avacar  
X Mas Invite

A Very Dickens Christmas Invitation @ Echo Lake

SLurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Echo%20Lake/127/84/21/ Malaika Park and Babylon Nightclub proudly present A Very Dickens Christmas Victorian Costume Ball at Echo Lake. Join us December 18 at 6pm slt for the music of DJ Mirah as she entertains...
Meeting Location Rockliffe

Mesh Conference Sponsored by Phoenix Viewer Sat. Dec 17

Meeting Location Rockliffe From Ai Vari Maalt Xule (aiyana.hawker): hey for any one with mesh issues as a user or builder … tomorow you have a chance to speak with the folk that are making the mesh veiwers for sl ::::Dec 17, 1:00PM SL...

It’s Santalarity on the playa. Welcome Ho-Ho-Home.

Who: A bunch of dedicated volunteers and a whole lot of happy Santas! What: A virtual SantaCon for all, blending the playa aesthetic with a dash of holiday cheer! When: Saturday, 17th December  from 9:00 AM SLT to 9:00 PM SLT Where: Burning...
Naughty Santa texture

New From Okey – Naughty Santa

SLURL:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bay%20Atoll/136/91/23/ Just 99L on promotional price as of press time.   - Avacar Bluestar

Celebrate Human Rights Day December 10

Human Rights Day 2011 This year thousands of people decided the time had come to claim their rights. They took to the streets and demanded change. Many found their voices using the internet and instant messaging to inform, inspire and mobilize...

Photo Of The Day: Ski Lodge in Echo Lake

Avacar, RZ Avacar met with RZ to discuss website work while catering had a spread for us waiting.  At http://slurl.com/secondlife/Echo%20Lake/213/228/73/ Click photo to enlarge.      
SP Festival of Lights

Second Pride Presents a Festival Of Lights

Second Pride Presents: A Festival of Lights All Businesses, Clubs, Artists and other Organizations are invited to join us for a Festival of Lights on December 28th. We will have a tree decorating contest for this event! Then a party to admire...
Okey Designs Fashion Show 600

Okey Designs Fashion Show Sat 3 pm – Second Life

    SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Impulse%20Island/216/233/36/ Featuring the newest fashions out of Okey Fashions who just turned 2 years old as a business in Second Life this past weekend.  This is sure to be a great show you...
Photo by Eddie Haskell

Carnival Lights in Venexia – Pic of The Day

Photo by Eddie Haskell Today’s Pic of the Day is submitted by Eddi Haskell.  He took it three days ago on the new sim build called Venexia, a RP sim to open soon. - Avacar Bluestar  
Fox Latex Suit at Okey

Black Latex Suit – New Release From Okey

Fox Latex Suit at Okey   Announcing the release of a new latex outfit at Okey Designs for a very limited time at just 99L !  This outfit along with many others in the store are in the 2nd birthday sale and today is the final day of the...
Musician Gabryel Nyoki

Episode 2 of The Insyx Show [VIDEO]

  Musician Gabryel Nyoki Our show today features live musician Gabryel Nyoki discussing the state of live music in Second Life today and how a comprehensive presence thru SL, Facebook and website helps keep his fans connected to all the...

Happy Anniversary Eddi Haskell’s Second Life!

  We at Gay Worlds News would like to wish our friend and colleague Eddi Haskell a Happy Third Anniversary of his popular blog “Eddi Haskell’s Second Life.” You can find it here as he explains the many wonderful accomplishments...
Leroy Vorhees & Darren Dionysus - Pic by Avacar

Christmas at Echo Lake Sim – Pic Of The Day

Leroy Vorhees & Darren Dionysus - Pic by Avacar Pic Location Slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Echo%20Lake/121/36/20/ You owe it to yourself to check out this wonderful new Winter Sim known as Echo Lake by builders Leroy Vorhees and Darren...