11:59 am - Friday May 29, 2015

All Gor’d Up, Gay Gorean role-playing in Second Life

Not everything in Second Life revolves around shopping, building and clubbing and the GA is proud to have the Gorean sensation known collectively as the United Continent of Gor Cluster. This smorgasbord of all things Gor recently had their Arts Festival to celebrate the opening of the Jewell Theater.  Their unique take on traditional Gor includes taverns, marketplaces, baths, temples, schooling, battles, tournaments and so much more.  While visiting some of the sims, the artistry and attention to details is amazing, almost enticing to say the least.

Visitors are always welcome for inquiries but remember to wear an observer tag, least you find yourself taken in by a Master.  With so much to see and do, visitors may not need the observer tag for very long.  Incidently, they are recruiting for all castes.

Also, to celebrate the occasion, a promotional video was created by iVisit Studios, my graphical production house.  I’m proud to have the Goreans as a part of the Gay Archipelago and hope that the promotional video will be put to good use by any and all.



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